Do you ever feel that you just can't be good enough to get to heaven? Do you not see His scarred hands and the wound in His side. These are a reminder of just what Jesus did for us. His arms are open wide on the cross to invite us all. 

It is a free gift from God above. He Loves us so much, He gave us His precious Son to shed His blood and forgives us our sins. What an awesome God we serve. 
We can't do anything good enough to get to heaven, His grace and mercy is new each morning and more than enough for our souls..
Salvation is a precious gift, unlike any other you may have known. For who can say that a life given is not more precious that gold. Our Father has given life eternal to all who simply believe in His Son. So many people will choose the wrong path. It states in the Holy Bible, the word of God Almighty, the path is narrow and there are few who find it. It is my hope that all of us come to God through the Lord Jesus and ask for forgiveness  and repent (turn away from ) our sin. Let God do His mighty work in us all. That His Holy Spirit will change us and that we may strive to be more like Jesus everyday.
Come..all who are heavy burdened and I will give you rest.
Jesus Himself told the Chief Priests and Pharisees, that he came to save the lost sheep, us sinners who needed a Savior. He said that  he had come to set the captives free, that my friend, is you and me. People who are held captive by their sin. He came that we would have life and have life more abundantly. I am not sure about you, but I know that I will choose life. This life can only be possible through the acceptance of Jesus as Lord of our life. We only need to repent (turn away from our sin) and ask God to forgive us, through His precious Son, Jesus Christ. Don't you see, this is the only way to have eternal life. 
Salvation is a free gift from Our Father in Heaven, who provided the only perfect sacrifice that we may be saved. There is none, not one of us that are righteous in God's eyes. God in His infinite wisdom knew before time began that we would need a Savior, Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. 
People will always try to earn their way to Heaven. Many of us are too "me, me" orientated. We have too much pride to admit that we are sinners and that we do indeed need a Savior. 
I am so very thankful, that God provided a way for me to have my sins forgiven and to have a possible way to share all eternity with the one who gave His life for me as a ransom for my sins. To be able to sit at the feet of Jesus and worship Him throughout all eternity is the best gift I could ever imagine.